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Faster, Fatigue Reducing Tool That Reduces Drying Time

U.S. Products takes wand design to the next level with the Evolution. This rotationally molded carpet wand is light, durable, and outperforms traditional stainless steel wands. Through scientific testing, the Evolution was designed to smooth airflow and boost recovery performance. U.S. Products tested the Evolution against many other carpet wands available on the market and found it left ½ of the residual moisture per square yard as the next best performing carpet wand in the test group. A rotationally molded head and aircraft aluminum tube make the Evolution nearly half the weight as most wands available. Other key features include a Delrin® Acetal glide with a glide holder that is rotationally molded to the head for an airtight fit. Most aftermarket Teflon guides used on traditional wands are designed to fit a wide variety of wands and often don’t fit well and need to be siliconed to the wand. The Delrin guide is specially fit to the guide holder on the Evolution giving it an airtight seal and making it easily replaceable.

  • 16” head and six spray jets provide optimum coverage and cleaning power to increase production.
  • Lightweight design and built in glided lip design reduces operator fatigue
  • Laminar airflow design delivers superior water recovery by streamlining airflow


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