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Portable Carpet Extractors with Instant Heat

You can't always stretch a truckmount hose where you've got to clean.
U.S. Products' professional portable carpet extractors clean more effectively because they supply instant heated water of 212 °F at the wand tip. The solid state heat management system is an exclusive feature of U. S. Products carpet extractors. The low moisture/High Heat system helps carpets dry faster, saving precious time and labor costs. Many U.S. Products portable carpet extractors include our patented smart circuit locator to prevent troublesome blown circuits. All professional carpet cleaning machines are designed with the highest quality and innovation found in the market today, and backed by the best product warranty and customer service! Many portable carpet extractors from U.S. Products have received the top GOLD rating from CRI's Seal of Approval Program, making our extractors the best performing portable extractors available.

  • Solid state circuitry
  • In-Line Circuit Test Detection for two-cord machines
  • Instant 212◦ F heated water and complete temperature control on select models
  • Expand beyond carpet care into stone, tile, and concrete floor and surfaces
  • Mobility and ease-of-transport and use features


King Cobra Series
King Cobra 500 Gold CRI  

Portable Heated Carpet Extractors

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