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In manufacturing, quality is a word that is frequently advertised, but rarely put in practice. At U.S. Products, quality has been the foundation on which the company has been built.

Starting with the raw materials and parts, U.S. Products uses nothing but the finest in its carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and restoration equipment. Just to name a few of the steps we take to insure quality, we import our waterproof gauges from Germany, use double-lock aircraft latches, incorporate solid state circuitry and build our own heat exchangers from scratch.

In addition we roto-mold all our products in our production facility to insure the bodies on all our equipment are manufactured to the highest standards. That's why we can give you a lifetime guaranty on all our rotationally molded bodies on our carpet extractors, hard surface machines and restoration equipment.

Finally, during production each piece of equipment goes through multiple inspections before it is shipped. Unlike many manufacturers that randomly test their equipment, every piece of U.S. Products equipment is tested to insure it was built to our standards and operates to the level it was advertised.

We believe that when you purchase a piece of equipment from U.S. Products, you own a reliable product that will perform and deliver the results you and your customers expect.

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