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Affordable Versatility, U.S. Products Quality

The Cobra Series of extractors provide the uncompromising performance and quality of U.S. Products with affordable versatility in extraction units with 200 or less psi. These smaller, lighter weight machines are ideal for cleaning professionals looking for a basic extractor, but want the heat and performance of a U.S. Products extractor.


  • Heater Element: In-line, after the pump for longer life and instant heat to 212°F, lifetime warranty.
  • Smart Circuit Locator: Automatically locates separate lines to eliminate blown circuits.
  • Low Moisture System: Less water (combined with higher heat) means faster drying, less chance of shrinkage, and less wicking from the pad.
  • Tanks & Bodies: Lightweight, rotationally molded with a lifetime warranty against cracks, leaks and dents.
  • Solid State Circuitry: Senses temperature change in heat exchanger within 1 degree for more consistent heat at the wand tip.
  • Vacuum Manifold: Increases efficiency when using two vacuum motors in series. (Cobra H Only)


Cobra-H & H1

The COBRA® H & H1 provide exceptional value in hot water extractors.

Cobra H2
Cobra H2  

This extractor features an internal heat exchanger to maintain 212° F cleaning solution at the wand tip for superior cleaning.

A Nilfisk Advance Brand